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During Connect2Collaborate delegates can schedule a meeting with various companies. You can use these short one-to-one conversations to obtain information, share your thoughts or start a discussion.

Meet new partners for your company

Are you interested in seeking potential partners for new collaborations or do you want to gain advice from experts in the field? Request a meeting with the hosting expert and talk in detail about your business in short one-to-one conversations. 

Request a meeting via the app

Meeting request can be sent via the app prior and during Innovation for Health (more information will follow soon). When the request is accepted by the hosting expert, the meeting will be arranged and scheduled for you. Once the app is available, you can download it via this link.

Learn more about the experts

From TTO to consultancy company, from law firm to funding expert, different kind of experts are present during Innovation for Health. Click on the images below to learn more about the expert organization that host a table during Connect2Collaborate and find the expert in your field of interest!

Host your own table as an expert

Do you want to host your own table as an expert company, academia or otherwise in the Connect2Collaborate-area' ? Join us and decide which companies you want at your table during the day. Have a look at our sponsor brochure and registration form for detailed information or contact j.baardolf@hyphenprojects.nl or call +31 (0)35 3030343.

Patient representatives host for free!    

In order to stimulate patient participation in the innovation process, patient representatives, industry and academia can meet each other during Connect2Collaborate. Innovation for Health offers patient representatives the opportunity to host a free partnering table. More information can be found via this link.


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