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Meet our Speaker
Meet our Speakers!

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First 15+ speakers confirmed!

We are busy to compose an outstanding programme for the 5th edition of Innovation for Health on 1 February 2018! Check our current line-up of speakers on our website. Speakers

Do you have any suggestion for the programme? Please let us know via info@innovationforhealth.nl


Design Expo

The Innovation for Health Design Expo is an exhibition of innovative products and concepts developed for the healthcare by artists and designers The exhibition is an integral part of the Innovation for Health event.

The aim of the Design Expo is to stimulate collaboration between the healthcare and the creative sector. The healthcare landscape is changing and it needs innovative solutions more than ever. In order to accelerate innovations, collaboration with creative people who are capable of thinking outside of the traditional frameworks of the healthcare sector is essential.

By participating in the exhibition, artists and designers get the opportunity to present their work to the public during the I4H event and generate contacts with potential collaborators and business partners/investors in the healthcare sector.

Are you interested in participating in the Design Expo of Innovation for Health? Have a look below if you meet all the requirements.

+ The applicant is a private individual, not an organisation
+ The applicant works in the creative sector
+ The project shows an innovative solution for a problem within healthcare
+ The project consists of a visual concept or prototype
+ The application is received before 22 November 2017

Do you meet all requirements? What are you waiting for? Apply here before 22 November 2017 and cross your fingers that your project will be selected by the jury! 

After the deadline of 22 November, a jury will have a look at all submitted projects and select the best of them for the exhibition floor of Innovation for Health. All candidates will be informed about the selected projects before 2 December 2017.

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