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One-on-one meetings

Innovation for Health offer participants the possibility to schedule one-on-one meetings with different a.o. investors, academic partners and patient organisations. These one-on-one meetings will take place in a separate area close to the exhibition floor and sessions rooms, and can be scheduled by the later to be developed app.

Meet the Investor

Meet the Investor offers delegates a platform where they can meet up with different investors, focussing on different type of companies or investments. During short one-to-one conversations,delegates can pitch their innovative ideas to the investor.

Are you an investor and would you like to hold a table in the 'Meet the Investor-area'? Have a look at our participation brochure and register now!

Partnering tables

At the partnering tables, delegates can schedule a meeting with various companies. From TTO to consultancy, from law firm to patient organisation. Use these short one-to-one conversations to obtain information, share your thoughts or start a discussion.

Are you interested in holding a partnering table near the vibrant exhibition floor of Innovation for Health? Have a look at our participation brochure and register now! For more information, contact Jeroen Baardolf at +31 (0)35 3030343.

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