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Ethical challenges of innovation

Innovation in healthcare and (bio)medical technology have improved our quality of life and expanded our life expectancies drastically. Therefore we generally welcome innovation and the many benefits it brings us. But it can't be denied that innovations, especially when the rate of innovation is accelerating, often cause controversy and spark intense debates. What are the ethical implications of for example robotics? Big data brings many opportunities for healthcare, but how about our privacy? And should we pin down the money value of human life if it comes to medical treatments? We will discuss the ethical aspects of biomedical and healthcare innovations during Innovation for Health with Prof. Annelien Bredenoord and a panel of stakeholders.

Panel speakers

Discussion leader: Annelien Bredenoord - UMC Utrecht & Senate of Dutch Parliament
Annelien Bredenoord is Professor of Ethics of Biomedical Innovation at the University Medical Center Utrecht, as well as member of the Senate of Dutch Parliament (D66). Her research group seeks to identify, evaluate and promote policies and practices that ensure that biomedical innovation (with a focus on regenerative medicine, biobanking, Big Data, genomics, reproductive technologies) develops in an ethically and socially responsible matter: how to translate biomedical innovations from basic research into clinical care and society in an ethically sound way?
Bredenoord co-authored over 70 articles and supervises several PhD students. She obtains funding from among others KWF (Dutch Cancer Society), NWO and ZonMw (among which a personal VENI grant).
Annelien is member of several (inter)national committees among which Chair of the Ethics Committee of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), the Young Academy (KNAW), the National Indication Committee Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis, the L’Oréal UNESCO: For Women in Science Award Committee, and UMC Utrecht’s Research Ethics Committee.

René Bernards - Sr Staff Scientist at NKI & Founder of Qameleon & Agendia
René Bernards’ laboratory at the Netherlands Cancer Institute uses functional genomic approaches to find vulnerabilities of cancers that can be exploited therapeutically. He founded Qameleon Therapeutics to repurpose abandoned and patent expired drugs for use in cancer. Qameleon aims to bring these drugs to patients at sustainable prices by working with investors who seek societal impact and generic drug makers.

Jacquelien Noordhoek - CEO of Dutch CF Foundation
Jacquelien is CEO of the Dutch CF Foundation (NCFS). This organization sets the CF research agenda in The Netherlands and abroad, with a research program that is patient driven. Her organization developed the concept of institutionalized patient participation.
She is chairwoman of the Dutch CF-Registry and president of CF Europe. She is working on her PhD with the subject of institutionalized patients participation. Because of progress that is made in treatment of the disease, she is very much involved in personalized medicine, the technology of organoids and developments in health research.
Transforming healthcare through ...

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