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Meet our Speaker
Meet our Speakers!

Thijs Spigt, Erasmus MC More speakers

First 15+ speakers confirmed!

We are busy to compose an outstanding programme for the 5th edition of Innovation for Health on 1 February 2018! Check our current line-up of speakers on our website. Speakers

Do you have any suggestion for the programme? Please let us know via info@innovationforhealth.nl



Below you will find the information speakers can use to prepare for their presentation. If new information becomes available it will be published here.

If you are interested in being a part of the program of Innovation for Health, contact Mrs. Haifen Hu at +31(0)35 6286659 or h.hu@hyphenprojects.nl.

Speakers contact
If you have any practical questions, please contact Manon de Jong at m.dejong@hyphenprojects.nl

Publication on the website
We would like to announce your contribution to Innovation for Health on our website. Please send us your photo and CV as soon as possible. We would also like to publish a title and abstract for your presentation.

+ Your name
+ Function
+ Name of the organisation
+ Website of the organisation
+ Photo of the speaker (high resolution, 300 dpi minimum)
+ Narrative CV (English (UK), ±100 words)
+ Title of the presentation
+ Abstract (English (UK), ±100 words)

Target audience
Visitors of Innovation for Health consist of delegates from across academia, industry, government, healthcare providers, financiers and charity funds.
We do not ask our visitors to register for separate tracks. So we cannot inform you about who will be visiting your track specifically. Please make sure your presentation is understandable for the educated layperson.

Guidelines Presentation
+ File format: PowerPoint (Keynote or Prezi are not allowed)
+ Aspect ratio 4:3
+ Video/audio items are allowed. Please send the video and audio items together with the PowerPoint in separate files to m.dejong@hyphenprojects.nl via WeTransfer.
+ Special fonts used in your presentation need to be send together with the PowerPoint. Please make sure that Mac-specific fonts are converted into Windows-compatible fonts.

On average, the session rooms have a capacity of 100 persons.
In the rooms there is access to a laptop with internet. Asound system, beamer and a microphone will be available as well.

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