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Winand Habets

Winand Habets

Winand Habets, European and Dutch Patent Attorney, independent IP counsel
Winand Habets of AOMB-NL has more than 15 years of experience as European and Dutch Patent attorney in the field of Life Sciences, biotechnology and molecular biology.
In 2016 a collaboration has taken place between Life Science patents and AOMB, since then Winand Habets acts as independent IP Counsel for AOMB. AOMB is one of the founding partners of AIPEX.
The participation of AOMB in AIPEX means that we do not only manage and service your IP Portfolio in the countries we are based in, but we can manage it all over Europe, because of the large European network of professionals.


AIPEX provides the best local IP service at one Pan-European address. AIPEX specialises in IP solutions and intellectual property management for pan-European companies like yours. As regional counsel for large multinational IP portfolios, we deliver bespoke IP management. And we do it with one convenient point of contact. Co-ordinated from our head office in Rotterdam, offices in 11 EU countries manage portfolios for European, North American and Far Eastern companies across multiple markets.
We cost-effectively simplify your IP management and protect your IP interests. While we help keep your IP working hard and profitably, you can get on with business.

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