Innovation for Health - 15-16 April 2021
Innovation for Health - Shaping the future of healthcare

Delegate list I4H2020 13 February 2020

Find here the provisional delegate list of Innovation for Health on 13 February 2020

2 Bridge , R&D Director, Clinical Development
2 Bridge , R&D Leader, Scientific and Business Development
2C Media
3D-PharmXchange B.V. , Business Development Manager
3D-PharmXchange B.V. , COO
3D-PharmXchange B.V. , Senior Clinical Consultant
3i , Associate
Aarhus University , Head of Sci-Tech Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Aarhus University, iNANO , Internship student
Accelopment AG , Project Manager Communications
Accenture , Managing director
Acerta Pharma BV , VP Research Europe & Director
Achelous Partners , European Representative
Achilles Therapeutics & Evox Therapeutics , Chairman
AD , Journalist
AEC Partners , Partner
Aelin Therapeutics , CEO
AGILeBiotics , CSO
AGILeBiotics B.V. , CEO
AGILeBiotics B.V. , Chief Business Officer (CBO)
Agio Capital & Business Solutions , Business Analyst
Agio Capital & Business Solutions , Managing Director
AgomAb Therapeutics , CEO
Alnylam Netherlands BV , VP Pricing, Market Access and Policies, GM Benelux
Alonzo Inc Ltd (Hellomed) , Founder & CEO
Alonzo Inc Ltd (Hellomed) , Partnership Officer
Altran , Senior Business Development Manager
Alzheimer center Amsterdam , Hoofd onderzoek
Alzheimer center Amsterdam , Neuroloog, Senior onderzoeker
Alzheimer Center Limburg , Co-director, Alzheimer Center Limburg & clinical researcher
Alzheimer Nederland  , Bestuurslid Coöperatie Deltaplan Dementie
Alzheimercentrum & Brain Research Center , neuropyscholoog & OIO
Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam , Bestuurslid Alzheimerlab
Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam
Amarna Therapeutics , CSO and co-founder
Amber Implants , Co-founder
Amber Implants , Co-Founder
AMC , medical doctor
AMLUG , Owner
Amphia , Advisor grants
Amphia Ziekenhuis , Educational advisor
Amsterdam Economic Board , Challenge Lead Health
Amsterdam UMC , Associate Professor
Amsterdam UMC , Post-doc / Program manager
Amsterdam UMC , voorzitter/sherpa NIV Platform voor Medische Innovaties
Amsterdam UMC
Amsterdam UMC & Cancer Center Amsterdam
Amsterdam UMC, Department of Physiology
Amsterdam UMC, IXA VU-VUmc , Business developer
AmsterdamUMC, IXA Office AMC , Director IXA Office AMC
Anacura , Business Developer
Anacura , Business Innovation Manager
Analis nv , Area Sales Manager
Analis nv , Sales Manager
Analis nv/sa , CEO
André van de Sande Consultancy , Owner
Antwerp Management School , Professor Innovation & Entrepreneurship
AOMB Intellectual property , Senior European Patent Attorney, Partner
Aparito , COO
APO-T , intern
APO-T B.V. , Acting CEO
ArchiMEDes , Owner
Ardena , Associate Director Drug Discovery & Bioanalytics
Ardena , Managing Director
Ardena , Project Manager
Ariez bv , CEO
Ariez Publishers , Content editor
Ariez uitgeverij , Content editor
Arjen Dijkgraaf Tekstproducties , Science journalist
Aspect Analytics , CEO
Aspect Analytics
Astellas Pharma Europe BV , Asc Transaction Execution Director
Asylia Diagnostics BV , CEO
ATRO Medical , CEO
Avegen , CCO
Avertim , Business engineer
avertim , Business engineer
Avertim , Business Manager
AVROTROS , Medical Journalist
AXON Lawyers , Attorney at Law
AXON Lawyers , Attorney at Law
Axon Lawyers , Lawyer & Partner
AXON Lawyers , Paralegal
AXON Lawyers
Axxam SpA , Business Development Manager
BaseClear BV , Senior Accountmanager
Bayer Consumer Healthcare , VP R&D Nutrition & Digestive Health
BCI Pharma , CEO
Be2Grow, HealthTech Innovation Booster
Berkvens Management & Investment BV , Independent Strategic Business Consultant and Investor to the BioTech Industry
Biobank Graz , Project Management
Biobank Graz , Project Management
BioCentury , Associate Editor
BioConnection BV , CEO
BioConnection BV        , Business Development Manager
BioConnection BV        , Sr Program Manager
BioConnection BV       
BioConnection BV       
Biocrates Life Sciences AG , Co-CEO│CFO
Bioflagz , CEO
Biogen , Corporate Affairs Manager
BioGeneration Ventures , Associate
Biogeneration Ventures , Managing Partner
Biogeneration Ventures , Operating partner
BioGeneration Ventures
BioLizard , Director business development
Biomorpho , BD consultant
BioRegio STERN Management GmbH , Project management
BiosanaPharma , CCO
BiotechNEWS , Hoofdredacteur
BiotechNEWS , Owner
BioVox news , Chief Editor
Blend Corporate Finance , Managing Director
bluebird bio , Access Value & Strategy Evidence lead BeNeLux
BOM Brabant Ventures , Investment manager
BOM Brabant Ventures , Investment Manager
BOM Brabant Ventures , Manager
BOM Brabant Ventures , Senior Investment Manager LifeSciences & MedTech
BOM Business Development & Foreign Investments , Programmamanager
BOM Business Development & Foreign Investments , Programmamanager Life Tech
BonapartMedia , Owner
Botkin.AI , Head of Business Development
Brande & Verheij LLP , Attorney at law
Briskr/SMB , Manager Business Support
Buro Beck , Principal Consultant
Business Angels Europe , Vice President
Business France Amsterdam
Carduso Capital , Partner
Carduso Capital , Partner
Carduso Capital BV , Partner
Catalent Pharma Solutions , Business Development Manager
Catalyst Clinical Research , Managing Director
Catalyze B.V. , Business Developer
Catalyze B.V. , Business Developer
Catalyze B.V. , Business Developer
Catalyze B.V.
Catherinn BV , CEO
CBD Consulting , Consultant
CbusineZ , Investment Manager
CD3 (KU Leuven R&D) , Managing Director
Cells4Therapy BV , CEO
Celonic , Associate Director Business Development
Cerba , Innovation and Clinical project manager
Cerenion , CEO
Cergentis bv , Founding Director
CGM Netherlands , Area Vice President
CHC Product Development , Business Development Manager
CHIARO presentations , Presentation Designer & Owner
CiMaas , CEO
Citryll , CEO
Clinical Trial Center Maastricht , Account Manager
Clinical Trial Center Maastricht , Account Manager
Clustermarket , CEO
Colonova , Manager director
Compugroup Medical , General Manager
Congress & Event Services , Owner
Corvidane , Co-Founder/CEO
Creating Science-Based Content
Cronenburgh BV
Crowe Peak , Business Development Manager
CTI - Clinical Trials & Consulting , Director, Business Development
CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting , Director, Business Development and Client Management, Europe
CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services , Senior Director - Business Development and Client Management, RWE
Curam SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices , Business Development Manager
Curie Capital BV , Managing Partner
Cyntura Life - Management Services & Consulting , CEO
Cytura Therapeutics BV , CEO
DDL Diagnostic Laboratory , CEO
Deci Medical Partners , Journalist
DegenRx B.V. , CEO
Delaware Netherlands , Vice President
Deloitte , Business analyst
Delta Diagnostics , CTO
Delta Diagnostics 
Demcon Advanced Mechatronics BV , Business Unit Manager Demcon Medical Systems
Designer at DesignIT (eenmanszaak)
Deutsches Rheuma -Forschungszentrum (DRFZ)
Deventer Ziekenhuis/ Universiteit Twente , Promovendus & Innovatie coordinator
Diabetes Fonds , Specialist Kennis en Innovatie
Diabetes Fonds
Diana de Veld , Journalist
Digital Health Compliance - Deloitte , Legal Consultant
DPO Consultancy , Business Development & Sales
DPO Consultancy , Managing Director
DPO Consultancy
DPS , Director
Duchenne Parent Project , Directeur
Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance (DCVA) , Researchmanager
Dutch Ministry of Health , Director Medicines and Medical Technology
Easee , Founder
Echopoint Medical Ltd , COO
Echopoint Medical Ltd , Executive Chair
Economic Board Zuid-Holland , Senior advisor Public affairs EBZ
EFPIA , Director General
EGM architecten bv , Architect-partner
Eindhoven University of Technology
EIT Health , Business Creation Manager Belgium-The Netherlands
EIT Health , Jr Business Creation Manager
EIT Health Investor Network , Operations Manager
Eli Lilly , Director Emerging Technologies and Innovation
Elysam Royal Enterprise , Sole Proprietor
Embassy of the Republic of Lithuanian to the Kingdom of the Netherlands , Deputy Head of Mission
Enelex Innovation BV , European Patent Attorney
Enpicom , CEO
Enzyre BV , CFO
Epic 10 , Founder
Epify BV , CEO
Erasmus MC , Advisor TTO
Erasmus MC , assistant professor
Erasmus MC , Business Development Manager (Technology Transfer)
Erasmus MC , Director Business Development & Sales
Erasmus MC , Hoogleraar Periconceptie Epidemiologie
Erasmus MC , Internist-Intensivist
Erasmus MC , Internist-Intensivist i.o.
Erasmus MC , Manager huisvesting
Erasmus MC , PhD candidate
Erasmus MC , Post-doc
Erasmus MC , Professor
Erasmus MC , Senior Business Development Manager
Erasmus MC , Sr. Consultant Program and Plan Development
Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC , Associate Professor
Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC & Quantib , Professor, Founder & Scientific lead
Erasmus MC Rotterdam , PhD student
Erasmus MC, Medical Delta & STW , Co-founder
Erasmus Medical Center , Director
Erasmus School of Economics , Associate Professor of Business Economics
Erasmus University , PhD candidate
Ergotrics , CEO
Euretos AI Platform , Business Development Europe
Euretos AI Platform , Co-Founder
Eurofins Adme Bioanalyses , Business Development
Eurofins ADME BIOANALYSES , Business Development
Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing NL , Director Sales & Marketing
Evers + Manders
Evers + Manders Subsidieadviseurs , Grant Consultant
Evers + Manders Subsidieadviseurs , Senior consultant
Evers + Manders Subsidieadviseurs , Senior consultant
excel solution consult , Financial analyst
EY , Client Executive & Sector representative
EY , M&A
EY , Senior Manager Advisory Services
F.INSTITUTE , Founder B.V. , Partner
FFUND B.V. , Business Development & Strategy Manager
FFUND B.V. , Consultant
FFUND B.V. , Managing Partner
FFUND B.V. , Partner
Fibriant BV , CEO
Fibriant BV , Chief Business Officer
Flanders Invest & Trade , Trade commissioner
Flanders Invest & Trade , Programme Manager
FloatControl , Freelancer project planning pharma
Forbion , Principal
Foreign Investment Promotion Agency tunisia , Technicien
Founder, International Keynote Speaker & Global Strategist , Founder, International Keynote Speaker & Global Strategist
Fund+ , Partner
Galapagos , CEO & Founder
Ganttenburg Consultancy , Consultant/owner
GE Healthcare , Account Manager Diagnostic Imaging
GE Healthcare , Country Imaging Sales Manager Netherlands
GE Healthcare , Growth Leader
GE Healthcare
Gemeente Amsterdam
Gemeente Amsterdam
Gemeente Amsterdam
Gemeente Rotterdam , Accountmanager Medisch & Zorg
Gemeente Rotterdam , Development Manager Life Sciences & Health
Gemeente Rotterdam , Project Manager
Gemeente Rotterdam , projectmanager economie
Genmab , CEO
Genome Lawyers , Owner
Genova , Business Development
Gesa Hygiene-Gruppe , CEO
Getty Images , Director
Ghent University , Business Developer Medical Devices
Gilde Healthcare , General Partner, Investment Director
Gilde Healthcare , Partner
Glycostem Therapeutics , Senior Research Manager
Goal 3 , Cofounder
Goal-3 , Co-Founder
GPO Healthcare , Director
Groningen University , Postdoc
hale company , Owner
Hasselt University , Business developer BIOMED
Health Holland , Innovation Advisor
Health Innovation Initiative Holland , Captain
Health Innovation Initiative Holland , co-initiator
Health Innovations , Partner
Health Valley , Innovation manager
Health~Holland , Ambassador
Health~Holland , Chair of the Top Team
Health~Holland , Communications Officer
Health~Holland , Innovation Manager
Healthnovum , MRM - CEO/Founder
Healthy Mind , Co-founder and CMO
HEART Project (University of Macerata and Philips)
Heembouw Kantoren , Commercieel directeur
Hersenstichting , Policy officer
Hersenstichting , Project Leider
Hersenstichting , Senior Beleidsmedewerker
Het Financieele Dagblad , Reporter
Hezelburcht , Consultant
Hezelburcht , Consultant
Hezelburcht , Consultant
Hezelburcht , Managing Consultant
Hoffmann Eitle , Advisor
Hogeschool Rotterdam, Instituut voor Gezondheidszorg
Hogeschool Rotterdam, Instituut voor Gezondheidszorg
Hogeschool Utrecht
Hogeschool VIVES
Hogeschool VIVES
Holiko , Founder
Holland - US Bridge , Executive Director
Holland - US Bridge
Holland Bio , Programme Director
Holland Bio , Project Manager
Holland Bio
Holland Capital , Investment Analyst
Holland Capital , Partner Healthcare
Holland Start-up , Entrepreneur in Residence
HollandBio , Managing director
Hoofd&Letters , Owner - research journalist
Hubrecht Organoid Technology
Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) , CEO
Huussen Nephrology BV , Medical doctor
Hyphen Projects
Hyphen Projects
Hyphen Projects
Hyphen Projects
Hyphen Projects
Hyphen Projects
Hyphen Projects
Hyphen Projects
Hyphen Projects
iClusion , Chief Operations Officer
iClusion , General Manager | CIO
IcoMetrix , CFO & HR
icoMetrix , Founder CEO
IDCP , Founder and Director
IDE Group , Director IDE Netherlands
iGlow Media , Publicist
Imcomet , Entrepreneur
IME Medical Electrospinning , Managing Director
imec.istart , Venture Acceleration Manager
imec.istart , Venture Manager
ImmunXperts , BD Manager Europe
ING , Lending Specialist Public & Healthcare
ING , Managing Director
INKEF , Analyst
INKEF , Associate
INKEF , Director
Inkluso Foundation
Inkluso Foundation
Innatoss Laboratories , CEO
InnoSer , CEO
Innovation Area Development Partnership (IADP) , Associate director & founder
Innovation Exchange Amsterdam , Business Development Manager
Innovation Industries , Investment Director
InnovationQuarter , Business Analyst
InnovationQuarter , Business developer Life Sciences and Health
InnovationQuarter , Intern
InnovationQuarter , Jr. Investment Analist
InnovationQuarter , Senior Account Manager Life Sciences & Health
InnovationQuarter , Senior Global Account Manager Life Sciences & Health
InnovationQuarter , Senior Investment-manager
Institue for Medical Technology Assessment , Director
Institut de Recherches Servier , Director
Institute for Medical Technology Assessment
Invest in Holland , Head of International Investments
Invest In Holland , Investor Relations & Stakeholder Management
Invest in Holland , Project Manager Life Sciences & Health
Invest in Holland - Life Sciences & Health , Head Strategic Projects and Business Climate
Invest in Holland - Life Sciences & Health , Project Manager
IOVA Biopharmaceuticals , Co-Founder and COO
IQVIA , Sr.Dir Business Development
ISA Pharmaceuticals , Director Business Development
ISHEO Development , CEO
ISHEO Development , Consultant
ISMS/MindBytes , Market Access Consultant ISMS / Creative Designer & Business Developer MindBytes
IZafe , Partner Manager
J&J Innovation - JLABS , Communications
J&J Innovation – JLABS , Innovation Activation Manager
J&J Innovation - JLABS EMEA , Senior Director, Operations
Janssen , Vice President & Campus Lead and member
Janssen Biologics B.V. , Team Lead Talent Acquisition R&D Belgium
Janssen Cilag , Project Specialist
Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. , Senior Finance Manager Business Development
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV , Early Development Expert
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV , PhD, Principal Scientist, Early Discovery Expert; Campus Office & Alliance Management
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV , Strategic Partnership and Alliances Leader
Janssen-Cilag B.V. , Associate Director Corporate Affairs
Janssen-Cilag B.V. , Lead Strategic Alliances Netherlands
Janssen-Cilag B.V. , Medical Innovation Science Manager
Janssen-Cilag B.V. , Project Specialist
Janssen-Cilag B.V.
Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis , Beleidsadviseur
JLABS EMEA , Interim Head
JointSphere B.V. , CEO
Journeyofabrand , Blogger/spreker/consultant
K.N.P.S.V. , Penningmeester
K.N.P.S.V. , Voorzitter
Kadans Science Partner , Commercieel Manager
Kadans Science Partner , Directeur
Kadans Science Partner , Manager Business & Acquisition
Kadans Science Partner , Marketing & Communication
Kadans Science Partner , Senior ecosystem manager
Kadans Science Partner
Kadans Science Partner
Kaminari Medical , CEO
Katwijk Chemie , Managing Director
Kelly Services , Sr Scientific Consultant
Kelly Services
Kempen , CEO
Kempen , Director
KU Leuven , Postdoc
KU Leuven, EORTC , Research Fellow
KuiperCompagnons B.V. , Programma Directeur
KuiperCompagnons B.V. , Programma Directeur | Healthcare & Lifesciences
LACDR, Leiden University , Professor of Analytical biosciences
Lakecity Hospital and Critical Care Pvt.Ltd. , Nurse
LBSPF - Biotech Training Facility , Business & Training Development Director
Leicester Precision Medicine Institute , Commercial manager
Leiden University , PhD graduate
Leiden University Medical Center , PhD & Post doc
Leiden University Medical Center , Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
Leiden University Medical Center , PhD student
Lens, ES | Kennedy Executive , Managing Partner
LeQuest B.V. , Commercial Director
LeQuest B.V. , Product Innovation Manager
Life Sciences Partners , Investment Professional
LifeSci Advisors LLC , Managing Director
LindaCare , CEO
LioniX International BV , VP Strategy and Innovation
Little C Workspaces
Little C Workspaces
Little C Workspaces
Lonza , BD Licensing
Lonza AG , Senior Business Development Manager
Loyens & Loeff , Attorney at Law
Loyens & Loeff , Attorney at law
LSP , Investment Manager
LUMC , Business Development and Partnering
Lumento Therapeutics , Founder
Luris , Investment Manager
Lygature , Director Business Development
Lygature , Director Business Development
Lygature , Manager Communications & External Relations
Lygature , Managing director
Lygature , Program Manager
Lygature , Scientific Director
Lyramid , CEO
M Ventures , Associate
Maastricht University , Entrepreneurial scientist
Maastricht University & RegMed XB , Professor entrepreneurship & Director
Madam Therapeutics , CBO
Marianne’s Valorisation Team
Martini Hospital Groningen , Radiologist
Martini Ziekenhuis , Manager Radiology
Martini Ziekenhuis , Nuclear medicine physician
Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen , Klinisch Fysicus
MAT Biotech , CEO
McKinsey & Company , Partner
Medace , Chief Business Officer
Medanets , CEO
Medexprim , Business Development
Mediagenique , Owner/Director
Medical Delta , Innovation Manager
Medical Delta , Communication Manager
Medical Delta , Innovation Manager
Medical Delta , Managing Director
Medicen , Chargée de mission Europe| European Affairs
Medicen Paris , Chargé de Projet International
Medicen Paris Region , Chargée de projets International
Medicines Optimization Innovation Centre , Director of International Market Access
medicxi , Managing Partner
Medilingua , accountmanager
Medilingua , Sr Project Manager
Mediq , Manager Strategic Innovation
Mediq , Manager Strategic Innovation
Mediq Nederland BV , Director e-Business & Innovation
Mediq NL , Commercial Manager infuustherapie en farmacie
Mencius Medical , Managing director
Menzis , CEO
Mercachem B.V. , Managing Director
Micronit Microtechnologies , Business Development Manager
Ministerie EZK , Innovation & Entrepreneurship Coordinator
Ministerie EZK , Programmamanager
Ministerie EZK
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat , directeur-generaal Bedrijfsleven en Innovatie
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap
Modis , Senior Project Manager Life Sciences
Modis , Sr. Business Development Manager Life Sciences
Modis , Sr. Business Development Manager Life Sciences
Monidor , CEO
MSD , Data Scientist
MSD , Director Commercial & Corporate IT and Digital
MSD , Director Digital, Data & Advanced Analytics
MSD , Director of Transformation
MSD , Executive Director
MSD , Oncology Director
MSD , Platform Engagement Manager
MSD , Project Lead Open Innovation
MyNeo , Co-founder
MyNeo , Project Manager
myTomorrows , COO
myTomorrows , Head of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance
NE Device SW , CEO
Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatie Maatschappijen , Chair
Netherlands Brain Bank , Business Developer Amsterdam Neuroscience
Netherlands Brain Bank , Director
Netherlands Cancer Institute , Director technology transfer office
Netherlands Enterprise Agency , Advisor (inter)national R&D cooperation
Neurallys , CEO
Newtricious R&D , Business Development Manager
Nextgen Ventures , Investment Analyst
Nextgen Ventures , Investment Manager
Nextgen Ventures , Special Advisor
Nierstichting - Dutch Kidney Foundation , Programme Manager
NightBalance & Philips , Founder & CEO, NightBalance & Positional Therapy Ambassador, Philips
NKI , PostDoc
NKI & Scenic Biotech , Co-founder
NKI-AVL , Technology Transfer Manager
NL AI Coalition , Strategist, manager
NLC , Intern
NLC , Manager Talent Acquisition & Executive Search
NLO , Associate Partner, Patent Attorney
Novalis Biotech Incubation , Investment manager
Novigo+ , Independent consultant
Novio Tech Campus /Briskr , Director
Noviocell B.V. , CTO
Noviocell BV , CEO
NTrans Technologies BV , CEO
NTvG , Director
Nutricia Research , Program leader
NVP , Managing Director
NVP , Policy Advisor Venture Capital
OcellO Bv , Business Manager
OcellO BV , CEO
OcellO BV
Octimet Oncology , CEO
Odgers Berndtson , Partner
Odgers Berndtson , Partner Lifesciences & Health
Oh Crap I Gut My Future , Founder , CSO - Cofounder
Omnigen BV , Business owner
Omnigen BV , Manager Research and Development
Omnigen BV
Oncode Bridge Fund , Fund Manager
Oncode Institute , Business Developer
Oncode Institute , Business Development
Oncodesign , Drug Discovery Business Development Director
OncoLize BV , CEO & Founder
Oost NL , Advisor New Business Health
Oost NL , Business Development
Oost NL , Business Development
Oost NL , Business Development
Oost NL , Business Development
Oost NL , Investment manager
Oost NL , Project manager Health
Oost NL , Senior investment manager
Oost NL , Senior investment manager
Optum Ventures , Associate
Optum Ventures , Principal
Orikami , Chief Business Officer
Orikami B.V. , Sr. Business Development Manager
OuluHealth , Communications Coordinator
PanaceAR , Business Development/Marketing Lead of PanaceAR
PanaceAR , CEO of PanaceAR
PanaceAR , CSO of PanaceAR
Panda International BV , Director of Business Development
Pantarhei Bioscience B.V. , President
Pentavations , Innovation & Business Developer
Pepscope B.V. , Managing Director
Pfizer bv , Commercial employee
Pfizer bv , Country Manager
PharmaCytics BV , CEO
Pharmatide Invest
pharmi , Founder
PharmProspect BV , CEO & Executive Consultant
Philips , Chief Medical Officer
Philips , Department Head Professional Health Solutions & Services Lead of Cardiology Informatics.Solutions.Services
Philips , Global Strategic Program Lead Value Based Care
Philips Health Technology Ventures , Principal
Philips Research , Scientist
pi BVBA , Business Developer
pi BVBA , Business Development
Piext BV , Director
Pivot Park , CBO
Pivot Park , CEO
Pivot Park , Community Manager
Pivot Park , Marketing Communications Manager
Pivot Park Screening Centre , CBO
Pivot Park Screening Centre
Politico , Reporter
Prinses Maxima Centrum , Managing director care
Prix Galien Nederland , Secretary General
Progress PME , Business Development
Progress PME , CCO
Progress PME , COO
Progress PME , Director Sales
Project March , Joint Engineer
Project March , Movement Engineer
ProPharma Group , Head Business Development Pharma Services Europe
ProPharma Group , Principal Consultant
ProPharma Group , Senior Director Business Development
ProPharma Group
ProPharma Group
ProPharma Group
ProPharma Group
ProQr Therapeutics , Senior Director and Project Lead
Protinhi Therapeutics , Business Developer
Protinhi Therapeutics , CEO
Protoworkz , Founder
Protoworkz Electronics Development
Provincie Noord Brabant
Provincie Noord Brabant
Provincie Noord-Brabant , Policy advisor LifeTec
Provincie Zuid Holland
Provincie Zuid Holland
ProWellness Health Solutions , CEO
PureTech Health , CFO
QTC Recruitment , Partner - Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals Division
QTC Recruitment , Partner - Medical Devices Division
Quality by Design , Business Development Manager
Quality by Design , General Manager
QV Strategic Support , Owner
Radboud University , Head of Radboud Innovation Science
Radboud University , Post-doc
Radboudumc , Head of Grant Support Office
Radboudumc Valorisation/TTO , Business Developer
Radboudumc Valorisation/TTO , Director Valorisation/TTO
Radboudumc Valorisation/TTO , Senior Business Developer
Radboudumc Valorisation/TTO , Senior Business Developer
Radboudumc Valorisation/TTO , Team Manager Business Development
ReAl CMC Consultancy , Business Development CMC & Project Management
ReAl CMC Consultancy , Owner & Founder. CMC & Project Management
REGMED XB , Project Manager
RegMed XB
RegMed XB
RegMed XB
RegMed XB
RegMed XB
Rejuvenate Biomed NV , CEO
Resem BV , Managing Director
Respiosa BV , CEO
ReumaNederland , Adjunct-directeur
Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland , Adviseur Europese subsidies MKB (LSH)
Rijndam Revalidatie , Postdoc / coördinator Rijndam Living Lab
rmy barge advies , Executive
Roche , Digital Business Development Manager
Roche , Strategic Partnership Manager
Roche Belgium , Product Manager
Roche Diagnostics , Brand Manager Personalised Healthcare
Roland Berger , Partner
Roland Berger , Partner
Rotterdam Partners
Rotterdam School of Management , MBA student
Sales accelerator Health Innovation , Student Tias Business School
Saltro , Accountmanager
Saltro , CEO
Saltro , Manager Innovation
Sandoz , Head portfolio management
Sandoz , Portfolio Life Cycle Manager
Sanquin , Executive Director Business Development
Sanquin Reagents B.V. , Business Developer
Scenic Biotech B.V. , Director Business Development
Schuttelaar & Partners , Consultant Life Sciences & Health
Schuttelaar & Partners , Managing Partner
Schuttelaar & Partners , Sr Consultant Life Sciences & Health
Schuttelaar & Partners
scicomvisuals , Owner
ScientiCore , CEO
Selvita , Business Development Director
Sense Glove , CEO
Sense Glove , Mechatronics Engineer
Sensinxs , co-founder
Sensinxs , Managing Director
Servier Nederland Farma B.V. , BD manager
Servier Nederland Farma B.V. , BD project manager
Shan-X Medtech , CEO
SharpWorks , Director, business consultant
SHE. Health Clinics , Founder
Shionogi BV , COO
Shionogi Europe , Director for Regulatory Policy and Intelligence
Shionogi Europe , Global Innovation and Alliance Manager
Single Cell Discoveries , Business Development Manager
Single Cell Discoveries , CEO
Sioux Technologies , Business Development & Innovation
Sioux Technologies , CTO
Sioux Technologies , Manager
Sioux Technologies , Quality & Business Development Manager
Sioux Technologies
Sioux Technologies
Sioux Technologies
SkylineDx , CEO
Smart Health Amsterdam , Project Manager Events
Smart Health Amsterdam , Trade Developer Life Sciences & Health
Smart Health Amsterdam
Somnox , Researcher
Somnox , Scientific & Clinical Lead
SOPARTEC / VIVES Funds , Investment Manager
Sourcia B.V. , Director Business Development
Spark design & innovation
SPRING SEARCH International , Managing Director
Springlife Medical , CEO / Founder
Square Circle Partners
St Antonius hospital , PhD student
Stanton Chase , Partner
Stg. MedtechPartners , Medewerker Projectbureau
Stg. MedtechPartners , Medewerker Projectbureau
Stibbe , Senior associate
Stichting , Editor / Chair
Stichting Hubrecht Organoid Technology , VP Business Development
Studio Kim Haagen
Studio Malou van Dijck & Tilburg University / TRANZO
STZ , Beleidsadviseur innovatie, kwaliteit & opleiding
SURFsara , Directeur BD&BV
Surguide , CEO
Surgvision , Ceo
SvBMT Protagoras , Chairman
SvBMT Protagoras , Commissioner of external affairs
Swanbridge Capital , Investment Manager
Synaffix , CSO
Syncom BV , CEO
Synthon Biopharmaceuticals , Director Medicinal & Protein Chemistry
Synthon Biopharmaceuticals BV , VP Communication
T&E Advice , CEO
Tandem Project Management , Customer Relations Manager
Tandem Project Management
Task Force Health Care (TFHC) , Director
TechMed Centre, University of Twente , Programme Manager HealthTech Implementation
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology , PhD student
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven , Student
TenWise B.V. , Chief Commercial Officer
Tetteroo coaching , Business coach
The Clinical Company , Managing Director, Head of Business Development
The Executive Network , Partner
The Funding Company , Consultant
The Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe (ISBE), VU Amsterdam
Thericon , Co-founder
Thericon GmbH , Managing Director
Thermo Fisher Scientific , Account Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific , Director, Business Development
TheSocialMedwork , CEO
THINC. – UMC Utrecht , Innovation Manager and Director
THINC. – UMC Utrecht , Researcher
THINC. – UMC Utrecht , Researcher
THINC. – UMC Utrecht
THINC. – UMC Utrecht
THINC. – UMC Utrecht
Thuja Capital , Managing Partner
Tiruvaran Impex , MANAGER
TNO , Business Developer
TNO , Consultant
TNO , Senior Business Developer
Topic Healthcare Solutions , Director
Topic Healthcare Solutions BV , CEO
Topsector Life Sciences & Health , Board member
Toxys , CBO
Toxys , CEO
ttopstart , Business Developer
TU Delft , Assistant Professor
TU Delft , Funding Advisor and Coordinator
TU Delft , Innovation Manager Health Tech & EIT Health project developer
TU Delft , Managing Director Delft Product and Process Design Institute
TU Delft , PhD Candidate
TU Delft , Student
TU Delft , Student
TU Delft , Student
TU Delft
TU Delft
TU Delft
TU Delft
TU Delft
TU Eindhoven
TU Eindhoven
TU/e , assistant professor
TU/e , Project Development Officer
TUE , Full Professor of Biomedical Systems Biology at the department of Biomedical Engineering
TUE , Full Professor of the Video Coding and Architectures group in the Department of Electrical Engineering
TUE , Professor
Turnstone Communications , Project manager
Ugent , BD
Ughent & HealthSkouts , Health care futurist, entrepreneur, professor of molecular oncology, and renowned international keynote speaker
United Therapeutics Corp , VP - Digital Innovation
Universiteit Gent , Marketing & Innovation Senior Principal
Universiteit Utrecht Holding B.V. , Manager Intellectual Property
University College London Hospitals , CEO
University of Antwerp , PhD student
University of Birmingham, ANMSA Group , Research Associate
University of Bradford , Researcher
University of Utrecht , Professor
UnKnown Group
Up Strong / admedicum , Founder & Chief of Change / Expert Partner
Utrecht Inc , Managing Director
Utrecht Life Sciences , Director Internal Affairs
Utrecht Life Sciences , Managing Director
Utrecht Science Park , Business development Life Sciences
Utrecht Science Park , Businses Developer
Utrecht Science Park , New Business Development Manager
UtrechtRegion , Head of UtrechtRegion/Invest
Vahlkamp International B.V.
Van Doorne , Partner, lawyer
VDKMP , Founder VDKMP Strategy & Tactics
Venn Life Sciences
Venture Cafe , Program Manager
Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen , Algemeen Directeur
Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen , Projectleider/beleidsadviseur
Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen , Senior Policy Advisor
VGZ , Lid Raad van Bestuur
VILS , Managing Partner
Vindsubsidies , Consultant
Vindsubsidies , Consultant
Vindsubsidies , Consultant
Vindsubsidies , International Business Development Manager
Vindsubsidies , Sr Consultant
Vindsubsidies , Team leader
Vintura , Partner
Vironovative , Business Developer
visiting in Private capacity , Private capacity
VitroScan , CEO
Vlaams Departement voor Economie, Wetenschap en Innovatie
Vlaams Insitituut voor Biotechnologie
Vosfox Medical BV , Founder / CEO
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , Researcher
Welcome Solutions , Owner
WestBIC , Regional Manager
Xeltis BV , CEO
Xyall B.V. , CEO
ZonMw , Senior Program Manager
ZonMw , Senior program manager Life Sciences & Health
ZonMw , Senior programmanager
Zuyd Hogeschool , Lector Ondersteunende Technologie in de Zorg
Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy BV , CEO
, Advisor
, Board member/advisor LS&H sector
, Entrepreneur
, Master of Science, Msc
, Neurosurgeon
, PhD
, PhD student
, Postdoc
, Student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, Student / Entrepreneur
, Wetenschapsjournalist
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student
, student

I4H Award

The audience picked Healthy Mind, Iova and PharmaCytics as their top 3 pitchers and of these the jury chose PharmaCytics as the winner of the Axon Innovation for Health Award.

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