Innovation for Health - 14 February 2019
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Innovation for Health - Shaping the future of healthcare
Innovation for Health - Shaping the future of healthcare
Innovation for Health - Shaping the future of healthcare


Sam Kragtwijk

B-Motion is a product that tackles demotivation to practice for people with a severe arm and hand impairment. The design process is executed in close contact with patients, physiotherapists and medical technicians to develop a product that would fit in a rehabilitation center. It takes into account the needs and motivations of the therapist and the patient in order to increase the quantity of executed exercises, while the quality of the exercises is untouched. B-Motion is a physical product that supports and explains therapy proven exercises on a playful and joyful manner to motivate and guide patient to practice more, which gives the therapist the opportunity to use time better in therapy sessions and will positively influence the recovery of the patient. B-Motion is a balance between an ergonomic training instrument and a technological enhancement without long calibration processes or set-up requirements, which makes it easier to use for a therapist. Besides the focus on creating an easier tool in therapy session, it also create opportunities to train at home. Several therapists expressed that home practice was difficult to motivate. Patients can take B-Motion home and the product guides them through the exercises, which were practiced in the therapy session.

On the website a video is shown, which shows how B-Motion works and how different therapy exercises are integrated.
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