Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Edward van Wezel

BioGeneration Ventures

Managing partner and founder, BioGeneration Ventures 
Edward van Wezel is managing partner and founder of BioGeneration Ventures. Edward has extensive international expertise in small and large pharma and biotech companies. Edward currently serves on the the boards of NovioGendix, Progentix Orthobiology, Cristal Therapeutics and Acerta Pharma. He served on the board of BioCeros that was sold in 2011. Edward started his industrial career as process engineer for Chiron Inc. and working for Johnson & Johnson as project manager. At J&J he was responsible for preclinical and Phase II product development projects in the oncology franchise. In addition he was involved in in-licensing activities. Since 2000 he gained experience in several small start-up and early stage companies in the Netherlands. He was director business development at Pepscan Systems and managing director of Macrozyme. At Macrozyme Edward was responsible for the complete pre-clinical development of a new chemical entity that under his responsibility was successfully partnered with Genzyme Inc. in 2005. Edward holds a M.Sc in chemistry from the University of Utrecht and a M.Sc in biochemical engineering from the Delft University of Technology.

About BioGeneration Ventures
BioGeneration Ventures (BGV) is a specialist life sciences venture capital firm, with a focus on early stage European biotech, medtech, and diagnostics companies. BGV has a strong track record of significant financial returns through investing in innovations in healthcare and providing the expertise to build world- class teams. BGV manages funds investing in areas where the science, the unmet medical need, and the potential to promptly demonstrate a significant proof of concept all come together. Successful investments include divestment of Dezima Pharma to Amgen for up to USD 1.55 billion in total deal value and in Acerta Pharma for up to USD 7 billion with a guaranteed payment of USD 4 billion. In both companies BGV was founding investor. The Acerta Pharma sale was the largest exit ever of a privately held European biotech company. Over the last decade BGV has made over 20 investments.

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