Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Giuseppe Marzio

Guiseppe Marzio

Communications Advisor & Founder, Chiaro
I help entrepreneurs communicate to investors the true value of their idea, product, and company. Because there is nothing like a killer presentation when it comes to successful fundraising.

With 15+ years of experience in Bio-Pharma, I have created pitches and strategic presentations for some of the most innovative companies in our business. Most recently in a global communications role at Johnson & Johnson, where I helped the leaders of the world’s largest healthcare company present their vision, strategy, and results.


About Chiaro
You need your idea to make an impact. We can help.
Chiaro is the only company dedicated to strategic storytelling & presentations for Bio-Pharma. Whether you are pitching to investors or presenting to the board, we make sure your story has an impact.
Working with CEOs and their executive teams, we create a clear strategic narrative that drives success inside and outside the organization – fundraising, marketing & sales, and recruiting.
And in case you were wondering, chiaro is Italian for clear and understandable - and also bright and brilliant!
Get in touch and learn how you can boost your business with our services.

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