Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Chris Doomernik

Managing Director, Health Valley Netherlands

Chris Doomernik, MBA is managing director of foundation Health Valley Netherlands (since 2014), an innovation network for Life Sciences & Health, besides holding positions in various Supervisory Boards. She has extensive experience in both the profit market (chemical industry, engineering, technical services) and non-profit sector (healthcare, employers' associations, housing corporations).
After a career in the field of HRM at companies like Stork and the Catharina Hospital, Chris became a managing director of Maternity Care & Nutrition and Diet at Thebe. Social innovations in birth care founded a drive and fascination for technological innovations in healthcare which led up to her move to Health Valley. Chris aims and enjoys to act as a bridge between the different fields and worlds: health care providers and entrepreneurs, research institutions and government. "I believe in the power of connection. Connection leads to cooperation. Cooperation leads to innovations. Innovations lead to improvement of healthcare and economic growth."

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