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Design Expo

Discover innovative solutions in Health & Life Sciences!

The I4H Design Expo is an exhibition of innovative solutions, visual concepts and prototypes developed for a current healthcare problem by artists and designers. The exhibition is an integral part of the Innovation for Health event.

The healthcare landscape is changing and it needs innovative solutions more than ever. In order to accelerate innovations, collaboration with creative people who are capable of thinking outside of the traditional frameworks of the healthcare sector is essential.
The aim of the Design Expo is to stimulate collaboration between the healthcare and the creative sector: by participating in the exhibition, artists and designers get the opportunity to present their work and generate contacts with potential collaborators and business partners/investors in the healthcare sector.

During Innovation for Health 2020, the following designs were presented:

  • BUILD YOUR STORY - A research game to include elderly’s perspectives
    The research game is a playful and open way to collect untold stories about people’s daily life, experiences, ideas and dreams. To include a more diverse population within the research field, new innovative research methods are required. The research game is an alternative to interviews or focus groups, and is not solely depending on verbal capabilities of the participants.
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Design Expo
  • The Empathy Exercise
    An exercise tool, designed to develop a bigger insight and understanding in the dynamics of an interaction by retrospectively taking a close look at the triggers and emotions displayed. The exercise helps to reflect on one's own actions, emotions and reactions and grow emphasis towards that of the other.
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  • Foxpat - Surgical simulator for knee replacement
    Foxpat was designed to help the novice surgeons to train on knee replacement procedure. It generally takes about 25 surgeries for novice surgeons to be proficient at knee replacement surgery. So it is not just enough if we design efficient and more ergonomic surgical tools, it is also important to provide a learning platform for them to get better...
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  • New Me. New We.
    New Me. New We. is an innovative, socially responsible eHealth service that fills the gap in the current care for sexual health and cancer. It is very common for cancer patients and survivors to experience disturbances. However, the conversation about sex is hard to initiate, resulting in their unmet needs and compromised wellbeing.
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  • Oh Crap I Gut My Future
    Oh Crap I Gut My Future is a service for parents of newborns, which guides them in supporting and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome (also known as gut flora) for their child through nutritional advice. This is important because the basis of the gut microbiome is established in the first three years of life...
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  • Pelvic Chair
    Pelvic girdle pain (abbreviated PGP) is a pregnancy discomfort that causes pain, instability and limitation of mobility and functioning in any of the three pelvic joints. This project aims to create a chair that can alleviate the discomfort and enable more functionality for the PGP patient.
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  • The Schistoscope
    The Schistoscope is a 3D printed, phone based diagnostic device to detect schistosomiasis in remote endemic areas, automatizing and simplifying diagnostics to increase access and accuracy. The Schistoscope uses a smartphone in combination with a reversed lens to identify Schistosomiasis eggs of 100 μm in urine samples.
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For selected participants, your package includes:
+ Table (75 x 75 cm) to exhibit your design
+ Free access to the conference on 13 February for the designer/artist (incl. lunch, coffee and tea)

Not included, but can be ordered optionally:
+ Electricity (16 Amp / 6,5kW): €55, excl. VAT
+ Chair: €15, excl. VAT
+ Poster board: €45, excl. VAT

Please note that electricity is NOT included and that the table is not in close proximity of a wall. Additionally ordered items will be invoiced to you and need to be paid before the start of the conference. For additional items and/or questions, please contact Janine Kooistra,


Design Expo
I4H Award

The audience picked Healthy Mind, Iova and PharmaCytics as their top 3 pitchers and of these the jury chose PharmaCytics as the winner of the Axon Innovation for Health Award.

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