Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Tom Miller

Greybird Ventures
Tom Miller, GreyBird Ventures

CEO & Co-founder, GreyBird Ventures
After earning a graduate degree from the Harvard/MIT Health Sciences and Technology program, Tom joined Siemens where he ran the global MRI business. He has also served as the CEO of the global medical operations of Carl Zeiss, the CEO of Analogic Corporation, and Chairman and CEO of LightLab Imaging, a start-up he helped to establish and sell. Tom re-joined Siemens in 2002 serving as a member of the Global Operating Board and Division CEO of Siemens Healthcare with 26,000 employees in over 130 countries. In 2013, Tom started GreyBird Ventures, an investment firm focused on technologies for precision medicine diagnosis. Tom is a speaker on healthcare technology at conferences around the world and serves as director or chairman on the boards of five medical technology companies.

GreyBird Ventures

About GreyBird Ventures
GreyBird Ventures, LLC is the world’s first venture firm focused exclusively on solving the most critical diagnostic problems to accelerate the trend toward precision medicine.
Launched by Tom Miller, Michael Devlin, and Scott Gazelle, and supported by a global network of Operating Advisors, we invest early and work closely with entrepreneurs who share our passion and belief that the precise diagnosis of disease is the necessary starting point for successful treatment.
We are guided in all of our activities by a strong ethical filter to seek returns that are as humanitarian as they are financially rewarding.

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