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Hanneke Schuitemaker

Global Head of Viral Vaccine Discovery and Translational Medicine, Janssen Vaccines


14:15 - 15:25
From treatment to prevention

Hanneke Schuitemaker is the Global Head of Viral Vaccine Discovery and Translational Medicine in the Infectious Disease and Vaccines Therapeutic Area of Janssen Vaccines and a professor in virology at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam.
She is a medical biologist by training, received her PhD in Medicine in 1992 at the University of Amsterdam and worked for more than 20 years on HIV-1 pathogenesis.
In her current position, she is responsible for the port-folio of viral vaccine programs that are in the phase of discovery or early development. Most advanced programs in that port-folio are vaccine candidates for HIV, Ebola, Zika, RSV.


Challenges of future pandemics and infectious diseases
In our hyper-connected world, we are facing the escalating threat of epidemics from infectious diseases. Each year, infectious diseases account for 16% of deaths worldwide, and it is widely understood that infectious diseases will spread more and more easily in the future due to globalization, population growth and aging, antimicrobial resistance, increasing travel, the development of megacities and climate change.
Janssen is dedicated to advancing human health by developing potentially transformational vaccines to prevent and intercept some of these life-threatening diseases, such as HIV, Influenza and Ebola, which offer pandemic threat.
End of 2017, the company initiated a Phase 2b proof-of-concept study (HPX2008/HVTN 705 – also known as “Imbokodo”) with partners to evaluate a mosaic-based preventive HIV-1 vaccine. The study will assess whether the vaccine regimen is effective in reducing the incidence of HIV infection among 2,600 women in sub-Saharan Africa.
Janssen is also committed to develop a vaccine to help prevent the spread of Ebola. Ongoing outbreaks demonstrate the importance of disease surveillance and management, the value of strong health systems, and the need to finish the job of developing safe and effective vaccines to help protect communities and prevent a resurgence of the virus.
During “Challenges of future pandemics and infectious diseases” Hanneke Schuitemaker, Vice President, Global Head of Viral Vaccine Discovery and Translational Medicine will discuss the challenges of future infectious diseases pandemics and the potential vaccines could provide to avoid future outbreaks.
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