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Innovation for Health - Shaping the future of healthcare
Innovation for Health - Shaping the future of healthcare
Innovation for Health - Shaping the future of healthcare
Innovation for Health - Shaping the future of healthcare

Ilse Broeders

Ilse Broeders

Project Manager, Lifelines
Ilse Broeders works as a project manager at the research office of Lifelines. As a biologist, multilevel thinker and prevention believer with a personal drive for living a healthy life she will be your contact to facilitate your research in the field of healthy ageing. Lifelines data and biological samples are available for researchers worldwide. We can give you more insight in ageing participants, growing prevalence of (chronic) disease and expanding the dataset by screening, projects and linkage with Statistics Netherlands (CBS) for example. If you wish to design your own study for additional data collection you can benefit from our cohort and efficient research infrastructure.
Interested scientists or policymakers can apply for access to our data and biological samples with a research proposal or information request. Please come talk to Lifelines at InnovationforHealth2018 on incorporating Lifelines into your Grant proposal

Keywords: Healthy Ageing, Population Cohort, Biobank, Multidisciplinary Research


About Lifelines
Lifelines is a cohort and biobank for improving your research in healthy ageing
To move forward to more personalised health care and prevention, we need to understand why some people grow old in good health while others develop diseases. A longitudinal study among a large number of individuals offers the opportunity of collecting data with which the mechanisms of ageing and the development of (chronic) diseases can be studied.
The Lifelines Cohort Study provides through its length, broadness and in-depth examination excellent opportunities for studies worldwide unraveling the etiology of multifactorial diseases focusing on multifactor risk factors. Since 2006 participants visit Lifelines every five years. During this visit several measurements are made (e.g., blood pressure, ECG), biological samples are collected (e.g. blood, urine, hair) and participants are asked to fill in questionnaires. In addition, participants are invited to complete a follow-up questionnaire once every 1.5 years on e.g., health, disease, lifestyle, stress, social context and wellbeing. Lifelines is a multi-disciplinary prospective population-based cohort study examining in a unique three-generation design the health and health-related behaviours of more than 167,000 persons living in the North of The Netherlands.

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