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Christiaan Schoenaker


Keywords: Medical engineer, Data science, Python, data visualizations, Deep learning, personalized medicine, Medical Image processing

About Orikami
Global healthcare systems are challenged to deal with an increasing number of chronic patients. There’s a need to enhance therapy effectiveness and unburden the system for costs. Furthermore, patients nowadays expect to be involved in disease management decisions.
At Orikami in collaboration with hospitals and care teams, we identify critical disease markers, from which eHealth or mHealth solutions are co-created with patients and caregivers to improve disease management.
In multiple sclerosis, Orikami’s venture MS sherpa empowers patients to monitor their disease. Neurologists can use the trend information per patient to improve disease management.
In malaria management, Orikami's venture Momala enables malaria diagnosis in rural areas, which is fielding in 6 Kenyan clinics.

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