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Eveliene Manten-Horst

Quartermaster and Director, AYA Jongvolwassen & Kanker

From 1987, Eveliene studied biomedical sciences (specialization: Immunology) at VU University Amsterdam, obtained her doctorate in 1991 at the medical faculty of VU University Amsterdam and moved with her research group to the AMC in that same year. With her group she unravels the mechanisms underlying the spread of lymphoid malignancies. In the late nineties she is active as a leadership developer for health care professionals in the AMC. She fulfills the role of secretary at the NFU since 2006 both in the clients' council for Academic Hospitals (CRAZ) and in the workgroup Child oncology NFU (2010-2011). From 2011, Eveliene is quartermaster and director (from 2016) of the National AYA 'Young & Cancer' Platform; the network of health care professionals that shape age-specific care together with young adults with cancer and their loved ones. Eveliene also focuses on nutrition. In 2013, she took the initiative to introduce the new food and drink formula Food for Care for (cancer) patients, both inside and outside the hospital. From 2015 she is chairman Food for Care foundation, the foundation that stimulates scientific research into nutrition and cancer.

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