Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Jasper Boomker

Dutch Kidney Foundation

Program Manager, Dutch Kidney Foundation
Jasper Boomker works as Program Manager Technological Innovation for the Dutch Kidney Foundation, a health charity organization that funds research and development projects for improving kidney health and treatments for kidney failure. Jasper studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Utrecht and obtained his PhD in Medical Biology at the University of Groningen. He fostered various public-private research projects on bioartificial and wearable and artificial kidneys, regenerative medicine and ehealth. He is also scientific advisor of the NeoKidney Development BV, a social enterprise that makes an international effort to develop a portable dialysis machine.


About Dutch Kidney Foundation
The Dutch Kidney Foundation is committed to prevent kidney damage, to improve treatment of kidney diseases and to improve the quality of life for kidney patients and their families. We fund research projects and stimulate collaboration between patients, researchers and healthcare providers. Our ultimate dream is to cure kidney disease. To reach this goal we more and more invest in the development of concrete solutions like the portable artificial kidney and in 2019 we extend the possibilities for co-funding public private collaborations.
Do you have an innovative idea that could contribute to our mission, please sign up for a meeting with Jasper Boomker. He can tell you all about our funding opportunities or get you in touch with the right nephrology experts

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