Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Thijs Cohen Tervaert

INKEF Capital
Thijs Cohen Tervaert

Director, INKEF Capital


INKEF Capital

INKEF Capital

INKEF Capital was established in 2010 to finance and support starting entrepreneurs and their disruptive technology ventures. More collaborator than investor, we prefer to contribute early but partner long-term, guiding young companies from series A capital and through subsequent financing rounds, always with the intention of steering them towards success. We are able to focus all our passion and expertise on two broad technology sectors: Healthcare and ICT/New Media/FinTech. The foundation of INKEF is an international investment team with extensive experience in global business development. They are experts in their specific fields and fully understand the obstacles and dilemmas standing in the way of business success. In the past 5 years we made 20+ investments and we are actively searching for new opportunities.

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