Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Floris Vlasveld & Jochem Wilson

Inspire & Panton

Jochem Wilson, Senior Interaction Designer, Panton 
Translating complex issues into user-friendly solutions is what drives Jochem. Focused on designing solutions for the needs of the end user. With our team of designers we do this by closely involving healthcare professionals, patients and chain partners during the process of development. By working together with various disciplines, such as software developers, communication specialists and behavioural scientists, we work on products and services that help people get or stay healthy.

Floris Vlasveld, Owner, Inspire
Floris Vlasveld is owner of digital agency Inspire. Passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, in particular when it truly improves the lives of people. Inspire is an ISO 27001:2013 certified agency and specialised in digital transformation and the development of web applications and mobile apps. Our clients are looking for innovative digital solutions to serve their target audience. Inspire's client portfolio includes both established organisations and startups.

About Inspire & Panton

Panton, expert is the design of products, services and processes in healthcare, and digital agency Inspire, specialised in customised web applications and mobile apps, answer all your questions about the development of medical software. Whether you have questions about the course of the development process, costs, CE-marking or other matters. We are happy to help you.

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