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Jacob Seidell

Professor & Head of the Institute for Health Sciences, VU University


14:15 - 15:25
From treatment to prevention

Prof. Jacob C. Seidell was appointed as full professor (2002-present) and head of the Institute for Health Sciences (2003-2013) at the VU University in Amsterdam. Since 2013 he is appointed as one of the two distinguished ‘university professors’ at the VU University and co-director of Sarphati Amsterdam, a multidisciplinary research institute that focuses on healthy development of children through healthier lifestyles and environments.
His research focuses on the understanding of determinants of food choice and the effectiveness of (policy) interventions in the context of the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases in general and of obesity in particular. He (co)-authored well over 500 scientific papers and chapters in books on these topics but he also writes columns for leading national newspapers and popular books for the general public. He is a member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).


Towards a local integrated food policy. 
Increasing urbanization requires a systematic approach towards nutrition related issues. Sustainable solutions are needed to ensure food security for all citizens These include issues such as local food production (urban agriculture), distribution and processing as well as consumption and waste management. This demands an intersectoral approach that includes urban planning, education, transportation and the health care sector.
There are several examples of truly integrated local approaches. The Milan urban food policy pacts have led to innovative policies in the Netherlands. Amsterdam has an urban food policy that also covers the prevention and management of childhood overweight and obesity. They have taken a life-course and upstream approach. With respect to the life course a focus is placed on the first 1000 days after conception, on food policies in schools, canteens and worksites and emphasis on the elderly. Healthy growth and development for the young and healthy aging for adults. The upstream approach implies and emphasis on physical, social, cultural and economic environments that influence food intake and health. Using locally produced foods and short chains of food production in school-meals is an example of combining targets related to sustainability and health. Constant evaluation of processes and outcomes are accompanying the transition towards an improved local food system.
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