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Transforming healthcare through ...

Our healthcare system is changing rapidly, not only by social-economic factors and demographics, but also by scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations.

How will healthcare be transformed through Big Data? In what ways is Biotech impacting drug development and healthcare? How will robotics and artificial intelligence redefine the healthcare landscape? The future of healthcare is not only determined by technological innovations, but also by ethical aspects. What ethical issues are we facing due to these innovations?

Join the fifth edition of Innovation for Health on 1 February 2018 and get insights on these exciting developments from our keynote speakers:

Transformation healthcare through Big Data

Barend Mons, Scientific Lead DTL Data
Barend Mons is a molecular biologist and biosemantics specialist. He is known for innovations in scholarly collaboration, especially nanopublications and the FAIR data initiative. He is Professor in Bio-Semantics at the Department of Human Genetics at the Leiden University Medical Centre. He is also affiliated with the Erasmus Medical Centre and appointed chair of the High Level Expert Group on the European Open Science Cloud. His present activities mainly focus on international knowledge sharing and networking to realize a completely new form of Computer Assisted Distributed Annotation and on-line knowledge discovery in close collaboration with The Dutch Techcenter for the Life Sciences.

Transformation healthcare through Robotics

Maarten Steinbuch, Distinguished University Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology
Maarten Steinbuch is since 1999 full professor and chair of the Control Systems Technology group of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Eindhoven University of Technology. Since 2014 he is also Scientific Director of the TU/e High Tech Systems Center HTSC. In 2013 he was appointed Distinguished University Professor at TU/e. In 2015 Maarten received the KIVI Academic Society Award. In 2016 he received the STW Simon Stevin Meester 2016 award, the highest Dutch award for Science and Technology. He is co-founder of Mechatronics Academy BV, Preceyes BV, Microsure BV, and CEO of Medical Robotic Technologies BV.

Transformation healthcare through Ethics

Annelien Bredenoord, Professor of Ethics of Biomedical Innovation, UMC Utrecht
Annelien Bredenoord is Professor of Ethics of Biomedical Innovation at the University Medical Center Utrecht, as well as member of the Senate of Dutch Parliament (D66).
Her research group seeks to identify, evaluate and promote policies and practices that ensure that biomedical innovation (with a focus on regenerative medicine, biobanking, Big Data, genomics, reproductive technologies) develops in an ethically and socially responsible matter: how to translate biomedical innovations from basic research into clinical care and society in an ethically sound way? Bredenoord co-authored over 70 articles and supervises several PhD students.

Transformation healthcare through Biotech

Jan van de Winkel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Genmab
Jan van de Winkel is co-founder, President and CEO of Genmab. Genmab is focused on developing innovative antibody therapeutics for cancer. Jan van de Winkel has overseen the creation and development of a number of human antibodies for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Jan van de Winkel played a key role as CSO for the first 11 years before he became President and CEO in 2010 to develop the antibody company to a fully independent commercial enterprise. Since its foundation in 1999, Genmab has become the largest biotechnology company in Europe.
Transforming healthcare through ...

Our healthcare system is changing rapidly, not only by social-economic factors and demographics, but also by scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations. Our keynotes will discuss transformation from different perspectives. 
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