Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Madelon Maurice

Professor of Molecular Cell Biology, Oncode Institute,Center for Molecular Medicine & UMC Utrecht


11:30 - 12:45
Precision Medicine

Madelon Maurice is a professor of Molecular Cell Biology at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and a member of the national Oncode institute for cancer research. Her primary research interests are to uncover the mechanisms by which cells communicate during tissue renewal and how these processes are subjected to faulty regulation during cancer development. Her multidisciplinary research team is amongst the leading laboratories internationally in the field of Wnt signalling, a major signalling pathway that controls the maintenance and activity of stem cell reservoirs and is frequently misused by cancer cells.


The promise of organoids for tailor-made treatment
One of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in stem cell research of the past decade is the development of organoid technology. This 3D culture technology allows for the generation of ‘mini organs’ in a dish to study fundamental biological processes in health and disease. In addition, patient-derived ‘living’ organoid biobanks hold great promise to revolutionize healthcare through transforming drug development and precision medicine. I will discuss the opportunities offered by organoid technology and introduce the Utrecht Platform for Organoid Technology (UPORT; that aims to accelerate the translation of laboratory proof-of-principle experiments into commercial and medical applications.
Marcel Levi
University College London Hospitals
Annemarie Jorritsma
Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit
Aarhus University & Biosymfonix

Claudia Rijcken

Inge Huitinga
Netherlands Brain Bank
Wiro Niessen
Erasmus MC, TU Delft & Quantib
Els Beirnaert
Aelin Therapeutics
Joep Muijrers
PureTech Health
Koenraad Wiedhaup
McKinsey & Company
Esther Talboom-Kamp
Saltro Diagnostics
Elise Meijer
Antwerp Management School & Accenture Strategy
Carine van den Brink
Axon Lawyers
Tim Knotnerus
AgomAb Therapeutics
Sjaak Vink
Hans Schikan
Topsector Life Sciences & Health
Thijn Brummelkamp
Scenic Biotech
Nadine Rouleaux
Maastricht University
Dharminder Chahal
SkylineDx, Van Herk Investsments, Swanbridge

Marianne van der Steen
RegMedXB & Maastricht University

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