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Kees Recourt


Investment Manager, Mibiton Foundation
Kees joined the Mibiton Foundation in 2004 and managed about 45 Life Sciences infrastructure investments. He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering, a PhD in Molecular Biology (Leiden University, 1991) and learned the investment principles at the Private Equity training of the NVP (Amsterdam, 2001). During his research career in Wageningen, he specialized in the molecular quality of food products and worked for various food companies. In 1999, he shifted towards the commercialization of technology at Licentec, a former company of ABN-AMRO and NPM Capital (Bilthoven). During this period, he was CEO of an AMC-startup company developing a bio-artificial liver device.

Since 2005, Kees represents Mibiton as a board member of BioConnection BV, a pharmaceutical GMP facility at the Pivot Park (Oss). He is also assistant professor at the Paul Janssen Future Lab of the Leiden University Medical Center , an advanced master programme for biomedical entrepreneurs and CSO’s. Since October 2014, Kees is chairman of the ‘Take-off’ Life Sciences PreSeed fund, an initiative of NWO, STW, ZonMw and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

About Mibiton
The Mibiton Foundation stimulates the development of Life Sciences infrastructures and €30 million has been invested. Three funds are open for providing loans or lease arrangements to acquire facilities or equipment. Mibiton Science supports spin-off companies still incubating at the premises of the research organization. The maximal investment is € 200,000 per company. Mibiton Solo provides loans or lease arrangements up to € 400,000 for young Life Sciences companies. Mibiton Share facilities are commercialised by at least two partners, from which at least one is a Life Sciences SME. Maximal investment of € 600,000.

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