Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Innovation for Health - Shaping the future of healthcare

Poster presentations and pitches

Moonshots for Health - Communicate your research to key players in Life Sciences & Health

Winner of Upcoming Scientist Award 2019

There is no innovation without academic research and some research projects can even lead to truly moonshot innovations.
PhD candidates and postdocs are invited to present their research with a pitch and a poster presentation.

The following candidates have been selected to present at Innovation for Health:

  • Abudukelimu Abulikemu - The Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe (ISBE), VU Amsterdam - Acute and chronic inflammation and mast cell activation, In Silico
  • Caroline Bulstra - Erasmus MC - Mapping and characterising areas with high levels of HIV transmission in sub-Saharan Africa: a geospatial analysis of national survey data
  • Nuoya Chen - HEART Project (University of Macerata and Philips) - Consumer insights on smart health solutions in China
  • Larissa Dorsch - Amsterdam UMC, Department of Physiology - Excessive microtubular response in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy caused by MYBPC3 mutations: balance between cellular stability and function
  • Shaked Eliyahu - Technion-Israel Institute of technology Department of Chemical Engineering - The Effect of Freeze-Drying on Mucoadhesion and Transport of Acrylated Chitosan Nanoparticles
  • Charlotte Poot - Leiden University Medical Center - ‘Ademgenoot’ – a serious game to motivate and empower asthma patients in adherence to their maintenance medication: a user-centered design study
  • Robbe Saesen - KU Leuven, EORTC - Re-engineering the process of clinical cancer research in data-driven healthcare systems
  • Mirjam Visscher - Erasmus MC - Carotid plaque tissue characterization by MALDI MSI lipid profile
  • Tsung-Yen Wu - Deutsches Rheuma -Forschungszentrum (DRFZ) - The control of bystander activation of memory T helper cells in Autoimmune Diseases

Don't miss the session to hear more about future implications of these researches and which major scientific or societal problem they are addressing.

"The Innovation for Health conference provides a perfect and broad showcase of current developments in Healthcare. An excellent opportunity to match these developments with your research activities."

~ Attendee 2019

Guidelines to presenters

The participation consists of two components: the pitch and the poster presentations. Please find the guidelines of the pitch and the poster presentation below: 

Pitch guidelines
+ 3-minute pitch presentation summarizing your research
+ A maximum of 3 PowerPoint slides highlighting your research

Poster guidelines
+ Size A0, portrait format
+ Written in English in a manner that can be understood by educated lay people. Jargon should be avoided.
+ Depending on the font, the font size is not smaller than 24.
+ The texts are written in a way that is easily readable, preferably in short sentences and using bullet lists.
+ Graphs are labelled and only included when they are relevant for the story.
+ The poster should not have distracting or unnecessary decorations.
+ Showcase the overall context of your research and how your results fit in. Focus on the overall scientific/societal problem, the possibilities to solves this, what the contribution of your research is to solving this problem and how your data supports the solution.

PhD Poster Presentations
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