Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Phoenix Bone Tech

Permanence in Bone Fixations Resolved

The most widespread type of implants to date are made of titanium. Their function: only temporary stabilization and fixation until the bone is healed - afterwards, the permanent implants remain "functionless" in the body, and can give rise to foreign body reactions.
We have established a completely new standard in orthopaedic surgery, by developing biodegradable and bioresorbable composite implants, which are able to provide support until the bone has re-established enough load-bearing capacity, from which time on, the implant is no longer needed, is further absorbed, and remodelled into bone tissue, removing the need for the second surgery and thus, avoiding all the clinical complications and costs that are associated with it.

Speaker: Arie Kraaijeveld, Business Manager

After a career in aviation serving as an airline pilot for KLM/Air France I switched to being an entrepreneur, for health reasons.
Dr. Sina Dezfuli and I met during a training program at YES!Delft in which I got very interested in his performed laboratory work and studies at the TU Delft.
I am very pleased Dr. Dezfuli asked me to help build the company Phoenix Bone Tech which will make his invention available to patients with a bone fracture.
I4H Award

The audience picked Healthy Mind, Iova and PharmaCytics as their top 3 pitchers and of these the jury chose PharmaCytics as the winner of the Axon Innovation for Health Award.

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