Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Yee Jek Khaw & Yiyun Matty Zhang

Women with progressive muscle degradation experience certain level of difficulty in conducting some of their daily routines independently. That is particularly so for their daily toileting needs such as urination. Other than seeking assistance from caretakers, the remaining solutions includes adult diapers or a more intrusive alternative, bladder catheter. These solutions have limitations and problems that can affect the quality of life.

Plexit aims to allow these users to go to the toilet independently, comfortably and hygienically on their wheelchairs. Plexit is a specially designed seating cushion for electric wheelchair that allows its user to urinate through it when they need to. The center of the cushion is fitted with special high density hydro-phobic foam in the center to ensure that urine do not stain, wet or stay in the cushion. Absorbent pads in tray compartment at the bottom of the seat then collects the urine for easy disposal thereafter.

Plexit was finalized after we worked through multiple designs, prototypes and user tests to find a concept that meets user requirements, potentially low cost and easy to manufacture. Secondary concepts that make use of inflatable trapdoors are also currently in development .

The team behind Plexit consists of Marie Jose Calkhoven, Yiyun Matty Zhang, Elyn Wu, Fatima Arjona, Yee Jek Khaw
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