Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Frans van Andel

PPi Healthcare Consulting
Frans van Andel

Board Director, PPi Consulting
Dutch nationality. Board Member for BeNeLux and Eastern European markets of PPI HC Ltd. Degrees in health economics (Universities of Groningen and Utrecht, Netherlands) and public health (Harvard, USA). PhD in pharmaceutical economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. More than 25 years of experience in international market access of pharmaceuticals and medical devices with work experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Director of Global Market Access, Novartis and Abbott), the World Health Organization (Regional Adviser Pharmaceuticals for the European Region), the GAVI Foundation (Sourcing Director Global Vaccines) and the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Center (Global Director of Medicines Optimization). Has developed a specific expertise in very early market access to support startup companies with innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices to achieve appropriate pricing and reimbursement of their technologies at an early stage. Examples of technologies achieving reimbursement and supported in this way are the SPT for sleep apnea of NightBalance (now Philips) and the Free Style Libre System of Abbott for diabetes type II monitoring. Interested to start working with innovative health technologies at an early stage to accomplish national and global pricing and reimbursement.

About PPi Consulting
PPi HC Ltd is a UK based market access company with offices in all EU markets, North-America, Japan, Australia and many other markets. The company specializes in development and implementation of global and national market access strategies for early pricing and reimbursement of health technologies.

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