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Program 2017



 Diamond Room I: Innovation Pitches by: Mantis Therapeutics, Pepscope, SENSIKS, Sleep.Ai and Surge-On Medical


 Expo open for visitors


 Rotterdam Hall: Plenary opening by: Hans Schikan (Chairman), Topsector Life Sciences & Health
Maarten Struijvenberg, gemeente Rotterdam, David Pappie, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Sander Klous, University of Amsterdam & KMPG and Rudi Pauwels, Biocartis


 Break & Expo / IDEA pitches: USONO, the Decision Group, TNO


 Diamond Room I
+ IP & Funding
F. Schut (TL), V.O.
B. van der Baan, Agendia
C. Takke, V-Bio Ventures
H. van Barlingen, Thuja Capital

 Goudriaan Room I&II
+ Big data in a Global Village, LS&H 010, Erasmus MC and LS&H Lawyers
J. Hazelzet, Erasmus MC
N. Kien, LS&H Lawyers
W. Niessen, Erasmus MC

 Leeuwen Room I&II
+ Prevention & Health
T. Plochg (TL), NPHF
H. Cappon, Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition
C. Wijmenga, UMC Groningen
C. Hummels, TU Eindhoven
B. Verkerke, University of Twente, UMC Groningen

 Pen Room I&II  
+Radical Medtech innovations
I. Maes (TL), Inovigate
S. Deckers, G-Therapeutics
R. Nelissen, Leiden University
S. Stramigioli, University of Twente
M. Vrancken Peeters, Mellon Medical

 Mees Auditorium
+ Precision Medicine W. Verbiest (TL), Janssen Diagnostics
M.l Zwaal, Hubrecht Organoid Technology
R. Selles, Erasmus MC
C. Meskers, LUMC


 Lunch & Expo


 Diamond Room I
(13.00 - 13.30)
Innovation Pitches
Antelope Diagnostics Intelligent Pharma FLEX/design
Ntrans Technologies STENTiT

 Goudriaan Room I&II
(13:15 – 14:00)
Value Based Healthcare
F. van Eenennaam (TL), The Decision Group
P. van Driel, Medtronic
A. Haverhals, Santeon

 Leeuwen Room I&II
(13.15 - 14.00)
Prevention and Behaviour, LS&H 010, Gemeente Rotterdam
E. Perik (TL), City of Rotterdam
S. Denktas, Erasmus University College
T. Voorham, Community Health Centre Lijn2

 Pen Room I&II
(13.00 – 13.30)
Innovative Business Models to produce medicine, Eversheds Sutherland
M. Chatelin, Eversheds Sutherland
H. Büller, Fair Medicine



 Diamond Room I
+ E-health
P. Pelsmaeker (TL), Stg.
J. Moolenaar, Karify
M. László, Innit
J. Ebben, Siza

 Goudriaan Room I&II
( 14:15 – 15:00 )
Value of public-private partnerships, Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen
D. van der Velden, NKI
J. Nieveen, Abbvie

 Leeuwen Room I&II
+ Entrepreneurship & valorisation
E. Claassen (TL), Free University of Amsterdam
G. Hendriks, Toxys
S. Jong Kon Chin, University
of Leiden
B.A. Millenaar, NLC

Pen Room I&II
+ RegMedXB
M. van der Steen (TL), RegMedXB
M. Cox, Xeltis
T. Oostrom, Nierstichting
C. van Blitterswijk, RegMedXB

Mees Auditorium
+ Drug Discovery & Development
N. ter Wengel (TL), Pfizer
C. Menet, Confo Therapeutics
A. Tijsterman, BioSanaPharma
J. Smeitink, Khondrion
S. van Helden, Pivot Park Screening Centre 


 Break & Expo / IDEA pitches: Project MARCH, Delft University, MEDx eHealthCenter


 Rotterdam Hall: Closing Keynote presentations by: Anne Flierman, IMDI.NL, Daniel de Boer, ProQr Therapeutics
 Upcoming Scientist Award & AXON Innovation for Health Award


 Networking drinks & Expo


 VIP Dinner & CEO Roundtables – Staal Zaal

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