Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Reboocon Bionics

Shaping the future of bionic legs

Reboocon Bionics B.V.(Rbionics) is a young and innovative company established in Delft in 2016. Rbionics is specialized in wearable robot technology, esp. for people with lower limb disabilities. Rbionics has developed a powered knee prosthesis (IntelLeg Knee, ILK) for transfemoral amputees, a powered ankle prosthesis (IntelLeg Ankle, ILA) for transtibial amputees, a leg exoskeleton (RBexo) for stroke and spinal cord injury patient. Comparing to existing products on the market, the robotic devices developed by Rbionics are more compact and lightweight, intelligent involving less cognitive attention from the user, and more affordable.

Speaker: Shiqian Wang, Founder and CEO

Since 2010, Shiqian Wang started working in TU Delft as a PhD and later as a researcher. From 2010 till 2016, Shiqian Wang had been a main developer of MindWalker and Symbitron exoskeletons for two EU projects. To accelerate the process of transforming prototypes to products that can actually be used by disabled people, in 2016, Shiqian decided to start Suzhou Reboocon MedTech in China and Reboocon Bionics in the Netherlands. Since 2016, Shiqian Wang obtained some subsidies and €2 million private investment to support the adventure of his team.
I4H Award

The audience picked Healthy Mind, Iova and PharmaCytics as their top 3 pitchers and of these the jury chose PharmaCytics as the winner of the Axon Innovation for Health Award.

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