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Valentyna Starodub


Valentyna Starodub, CEO, STARoDub
I have more than 16 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. In my previous jobs both in the Netherlands and Ireland, with world-wide leading pharmaceutical companies, I led teams of Regulatory professionals. I hold a Ph.D. in biotechnology I and have a broad experience in regulatory CMC. I am fluent in English, Dutch, Ukrainian and Russian. My specialism is strategic regulatory decision making for large projects, during acquisitions and mergers. In the current role as CEO of Starodub I lead a team of regulatory experts supporting small and large companies with regulatory activities related to small, large molecules, medical devices, combination products and eCTD.

About STARoDub
STARoDub is a team of experts in regulatory affairs. We provide worldwide regulatory support for a wide variety of products: Small Molecules, Biotech/Biologics, Vaccines, Medical Devices and Combination Products. We have extensive expertise in Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls, regulatory operations including eCTD, pre-clinical and clinical regulatory affairs.
We care about our clients and patients they serve and we strive to provide the highest quality and efficiency to the assigned projects. We can be your companion to liaise with regulatory agencies worldwide and provide you with benefits of our qualification as SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in the EU.

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