Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Start-up Pitches

Pitch your start-up to key players in Health & Life Sciences

An exciting part of the programme of Innovation for Health & Global Investor Forum is the yearly start-up pitch contest where ten start-up companies, that are developing an healthcare innovation, get the opportunity to pitch their company and innovation to key players and decision makers in Health & Life sciences sector. Last edition of Innovation for Health, on 14 February 2019, Reboocon Bionics was the winner of the AXON Innovation for Health Award 2019. Read press release here. 

Sponsor AXON Innovation for Health Award
The AXON Innovation for Health Award is an initiative of AXON Lawyers and Innovation for Health. AXON Lawyers is a renowned Amsterdam based law firm with an international orientation. AXON focuses on the legal and regulatory aspects of the life sciences sector. For more information visit their website

Selected companies for the start-up pitches

The following ten companies were selected for a start-up pitch at the 2019 edition of Innovation for Health & Global Investor Forum:

Jan Hunik
ATRO Medical
The Meniscus Solution Company

Marcel van Kasteel
Delta Diagnostics
Building an open Platform for Point of Care Diagnostics Applications

Leonie de Best
Madam Therapeutics

Next Generation Antibiotics to fight Antimicrobial Resistance

Arie Kraaijeveld
Phoenix Bone Tech
Permanence in Bone Fixations Resolved

Shiqian Wang
Reboocon Bionics

Intelleg Knee - Powered Prosthesis for Transfemoral Amputee

Jan Boers
Early Detection of Retinal Images

Lisanne Blauw
River BioMedics
Closer to the Heart

Lars Ottevanger

Improving Surgical Oncology

Floris van der Breggen
Less Pain, More Gain

Louis Zantema
Retraining Chronic Pain in Virtual Reality

Each start-up got five minutes to present their company and innovation to the audience and the investor panel. The jury ultimately selected Reboocon Bionics and River Biomedics to pitch on the main stage in the plenary afternoon program. At the end, the audience determined that Reboocon Bionics had the winning pitch and should take home the AXON Innovation for Health Award.

Jury members

Carine van den Brink
Lawyer & Partner, AXON Lawyers
Chair Jurypanel

Joep de Groot
Board of Directors, CbusineZ

Anne Portwich
Partner, Life Sciences Partners

Edward van Wezel
Founder & Managing Partner, BioGeneration Ventures

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After six succesful editions, the seventh edition of Innovation for Health will be organised on 13 February 2020 in De Doelen ICC in Rotterdam. Each year over 800 business & science leaders come together at I4H to get updated about the latest trends and innovations and to meet the key players from the sector. 

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