Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Less Pain, More Gain

From dialysis to angioplasty, numerous medical interventions are not suited for anaesthetics yet cause severe pain to patients. This leads to terrible experiences for patients, dissatisfying work and, importantly, expensive intervention failures. Indeed, research has shown how acute and chronic pain causes high costs for medical institutions. Traditional ways of decreasing pain are either ineffective or expensive. Virtual reality, however, has proven to be a great novel way of reducing pain. SyncVR provides a pilot-tested VR-system for evidence-based pain reduction. The system is co-created with nurses, while it promises to bring down the number of failed interventions and bring down costs of medical institutions.

Speaker: Floris van der Breggen, Founder

Floris van der Breggen loves implementing meaningful (and often crazy) innovations to improve people's lives. Using his experience in psychology and computer science, he created a virtual reality product to combat loneliness in elderly care and a virtual reality documentary bringing together conflict rivals in war environments, amongs several other innovations leveraging the unique value that only virtual reality can bring. His current mission is collaborating with hospitals to transform negative patient experiences in hospitals into positive ones. Again, virtual reality is key...
I4H Award

The audience picked Healthy Mind, Iova and PharmaCytics as their top 3 pitchers and of these the jury chose PharmaCytics as the winner of the Axon Innovation for Health Award.

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