Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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The empathy exercise

Kim Haegen

An exercise tool, designed to develop a bigger insight and understanding in the dynamics of an interaction by retrospectively taking a close look at the triggers and emotions displayed.
The exercise helps to reflect on one's own actions, emotions and reactions and grow emphasis towards that of the other. With the help of graphical overviews based on research done by Dr. Paul Ekman, you can trace back triggers and emotions by closely studying the conversations held between the two parties.
By doing this exercise regularly the new found insights will become knowledge that will be applicable directly during any interaction, which will lead to more constructive conversations, less misunderstandings and a bigger awareness of oneself.
This tool can be valuable in various ways. It can be beneficial in doctor-patient conversations, especially to analyse ‘bad news’ conversations, but also to gain insights in the communication within medical teams. Next to that it can be useful in the field of psychology, functioning as a conversation tool within therapy, to visualize a chain of reactions or the different states of emotions a patient is, or has been going though.
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