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Thijs Spigt

Director Technology Transfer Office, Erasmus MC


11:30 - 12:45
IP Valuation

Thijs Spigt studied Neurobiology at University of Amsterdam (MSc), and graduated his PhD in Business Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Following these studies, he gained his experience in Pharma: commercially at Abbott, R&D licensing with Rhein Biotech, and out-licensing skills for generic drugs with Synthon, plus licensing consultancy at Royal DSM.
For 5 years Thijs worked at the Royal Netherlands Embassy at Berlin as Science & Technology Counseller, executing and stimulating international governmental cooperation.
Now, Thijs is Director of TTO Erasmus MC Rotterdam, and holds a CLP and an RTTP certification.


What is the value of Knowledge?
IP is more than Patents alone. It all start with knowledge generation, which is the prime task of a university.
But, when the knowledge is generated, how do you evaluate the potential of it, and what is the value for Society? How does Industry validate the potential and what exactly is Industry looking for, when approaching a university? Is it an economic transaction, or is it a collaboration to increase the potential of the IP?
What is it the university is looking for? Maximizing the economic value of the knowledge, or increasing its impact on Society?
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