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Tom Oostrom

Director, Dutch Kidney Foundation

Tom Oostrom (1964) has been Managing Director of the Dutch Kidney Foundation since 2010. He started as head of the policy section in 2005. With the motto "Life comes first" the Kidney Foundation gives everything to make sure kidney patients survive ánd their quality of life improves. Tom Oostrom learned from practice: he started out as a nurse. His drive is to make a real difference for kidney patients, to help make their lives livable. This is neccesary, because a renal disease is severe and makes a deep impact in someones life.

Since 2012 Oostrom has been the chair of the cooperating healthcare funds (Samenwerkende Gezondheidsfondsen) in which 20 large funds are united. He is also a member of the Regiegroep Life Sciences & Health and is committed to promote active involvement of healthcare funds in the topsector policy. Oostrom feels healthcare funds shouldn't only invest in regular scientific research, but also dare to tie themselves to tangible, daring targets such as the portable artificial kidney.

In Leiden Oostrom studied to become a nurse (1986). He studied Policy & Management in Healthcare at Erasmus University Rotterdam (1991). During his studies he worked as a district nurse.

Oostrom lives in Montfoort with his partner and their two sons.

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