Innovation for Health - 13 February 2020
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Track me & Chase me

Donna Stam

Track Me and Chase Me are two designs within a versatile activity landscape in which therapists work with children to improve their gross and fine motor skills. The landscape challenges children to play and discover in a spontaneous, natural and physical way, and to practice their motor skills while doing this. By means of its versatile character, the landscape can be adapted to specific children’s play and training situations, and to different levels. The Track Me and Chase Me blocks can be used in various ways, and engage children in play that encourages their physical development in various ways.
The bigger Track Me blocks are used by children to crawl underneath, climb over, jump off, balance on or build with. Children can easily move the blocks themselves and, in this way, give them a role within their play. For example, for younger children a smaller, defined play-area can be made, older children can build more challenging and spacious setups and therapists can use the blocks to arrange training tracks that vary in difficulty.
The interactive Chase Me blocks have an irregular shape and a lens that can light up, and feature two modes. Within the first mode, the blocks respond on the children’s actions and engage the children in, for example, building a tower or trying to make the colors of all blocks the same. Within the second mode, the blocks randomly turn on for a set time, allowing therapists to challenge children to run, reach or aim for the blocks.
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