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Frits Wijbenga

WeValue Innovations
Frits Wijbenga

Business & IP valuator / Owner, WeValue Innovations
Frits Wijbenga is founder of WeValue Innovations. As a certified Register Valuator he values companies for VC funding, mergers & acquisitions and management buy-ins / buy-outs. Frits is also actively involved with IP transactions and financial management.
Frits has experience with small to international operating medium-sized companies in industries such as (e-)health, medical technology, biotech, machine & device building and ICT.
Frits also gives workshops on finance and valuation for M&A advisors, accountants and start-ups (LifeSciences@Work Accelerator).
• Register Valuator (NirV, 2016)
• Postgraduate degree in Business Valuation (Tilburg, 2014)
• PhD Business Economics (RUG, 2003)
• MSc Business Economics (RUG, 1998)

WeValue Innovations

About WeValue Innovations
WeValue Innovations helps entrepreneurs and their advisors with realising their ambitions. WeValue Innovations consults entrepreneurs on an independent basis on:
• Financing and the preparation thereof
• Company valuations for mergers and acquisitions, venture capital financing, buying out shareholders, damages & litigation and tax purposes
• Intellectual property valuations for transactions and strategic decision-making
WeValue Innovations works in various assignments together with lawyers, accountants, patent attorneys and M&A advisors.
WeValue Innovations works throughout the Netherlands from locations in Groningen and in Amsterdam.

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